Ditch the Itch

An itchy dog can drive you as mad as it does your pet… and it can be tricky to know where the itch is coming from.  Skin problems can happen at any age, and almost all pets will experience a problem at some point in their life.  The key to healthy skin starts with nutrition: the building blocks for a healthy body!  Treating the itch as separate from the whole body is a temporary solution that often results in the use of prescription medications and foods to control the itching, which only further complicates the body’s healthy and natural response to allergens, irritants, or poor health.  It may be difficult to determine what is at the root of the problem, however cleaning up the diet, providing digestive support, and adding essential fatty acids is always helpful, and it’s the best starting place.  Also, don’t forget to check for the obvious: fleas! (see Natural Flea Free)

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Where to Start:

  1. Try a different food or brand.  If your pet has been eating the same food for a long period of time, itching may be simply a result of overexposure to the same ingredients day after day.  Also, there are some foods that are common allergens and create inflammatory responses, like wheat, soy, and corn.  Consider a rotational diet, changing the meat, and grains or other ingredients, regularly can prevent future over-exposure allergy responses.
  2. Introduce less processed foods that are easy to digest and are less likely to trigger an allergy response.  Good options include our lightly cooked dehydrated formulas, canned, or raw formulas (also available in rehydratable freeze dried).  There are superfood supplements that can also help, add as toppers.
  3. Enzymes and probiotics are the #1 most critical thing you can add to your pet’s diet, whether it’s a dog or cat, old or young, feeding kibble or raw or cooked.  Add digestive enzymes & probiotics to aid digestion, absorption of nutrients, and boost the immune system.  A high dose of probiotics can flush out bad bacteria and yeast.  You can choose from fresh, powdered, or chewable supplements making these easy to give.  No synthetic anything here!
  4. Essential fatty acids… they really are essential!  Omega 3’s and 6’s (and 9’s) are critical to organ function, brain and eyesight health, joint health, hormone balance, skin & coat health, and they are an anti-inflammatory for the whole body.  These fragile fatty acids are destroyed when exposed to air, light, and heat so they must be fresh in the diet.  The best source for omegas is cold pressed fish oils, but flax, hemp, and borage oils are also good.  There are also treat and powder options.

Food Choices

                There are a lot of foods to choose from, so knowing what works best for you and is affordable is important…  as you consider healthier foods make sure to account for lower vet bills, less “feeding” (no fillers), and our frequent buyer program that earns you a free bag or box of food for every 12 you purchase!  *see store for exceptions

   $$$  Raw & Fresh: The closest to a natural and biologically appropriate diet, raw fresh foods will naturally provide the ideal proportion of meat, organ, bone, and produce/supplements, while being a super-hydrator.  Made using whole foods, these diets are low in carbs, use no synthetics or preservatives, and are packed with natural enzymes to support healthy digestion and a happy pancreas, a healthy mouth, and beautiful skin & coat free of odors.

  $$$   Freeze Dried: These are raw food diets which are freeze dried for shelf stability; a great way to boost dry or cooked diets, just crumble a little on top, or rehydrate a few nuggets.  You can also use it as a foolproof way to transition kibble eating pets to a raw food diet!

   $$    Lightly Cooked: For dogs or people who are more comfortable with cooked foods, or who are immune-compromised, our lightly cooked diets make it easy to provide home-cooked nutrition without the extra work.  Available in frozen or dehydrated, just defrost or add water (rehydrate), to provide complete and balanced nutrition that is less processed than kibble and offers fresh, whole foods.

   $$    Canned:  The high moisture content in canned food can really benefit pets that get dehydrated (especially cats), very young or old pets, and pets in recovery.  Easy to digest & less processed than kibble, canned food can provide a boost, tempting even the pickiest of eaters!

    $     Dry Kibble:  Convenient and shelf stable, dry kibble provides a complete and balanced diet.  There are grain and n0-grain options.  We also have limited ingredient diets for very sensitive dogs & cats, or pets with allergies. Easily boost nutrition with toppers or supplements!                                                                    

We can help you find the right diet for your pet, and we’ll never judge you!

*The staff at The Natural Pet Market are well educated & our products are well researched, but we are not licensed veterinarians and cannot provide medical diagnosis or prescription, nor can we be a substitute for visiting a veterinarian.  We believe in holistic care and treatment and we strive to support you with the best advice in holistic care of your pets.