"Nature itself is the best physician" - Hippocrates

We know how to respond to a diagnosis and can recommend the appropriate course of action from a natural, holistic perspective. We can recommend specific diets and supplements that support conventional methods and promote a speedy recovery. While we are not veterinarians, and we do not diagnose or prescribe, we do have proven, practical knowledge of how to address common health issues.


We have proven, practical knowledge of how to address common health issues…
If you have a diagnosis from your vet, bring it to us. We have almost 25 years of experience on how to approach a wide variety of health issues using natural methods and healthy food. We will happily partner with your local, licensed veterinarians to achieve desired outcomes as quickly as possible.

Skye's Journey: from sick to healthy and happy

In the Fall of 2010, a Cairn Terrier was brought to the local Humane Society shelter to be euthanized due to extreme and reportedly uncontrollable allergies and skin conditions – she was a very sick dog. Fortunately, the shelter’s veterinarian Suzy Z. refused to accept this and with the help and care at a foster mom’s home began to turn things around. When we first saw this dog at a Humane Society fundraiser one month later, she still was quite hairless and had a long way to go, but we fell in love and knew we could help.  With natural, holistic supplements and our healthiest food, Sky improved remarkably and cheated death.