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How It All Started…

All About Best Friend Nutrition

As a wedding present to ourselves, we adopted our first dog in 1998. Max was a six-year-old golden retriever from Homeward Bound, a rescue organization for which Jim was a founding board member. Lizzy, a Golden Retriever-Kuvasz mix from the same organization soon followed. As active participants in golden retriever rescue, we fostered many dogs on their way to their forever homes. When we met Maggie we knew we wanted to give something more.

Maggie was found wandering along the main road in the wine region of Napa County, California. Homeward Bound’s in-take veterinarian estimated her to be around 13 years old with several health issues as evidenced by a poor coat, difficulty walking, and general low energy. She was in such poor shape the vet gave Maggie no more than 3 months to live. We adopted Maggie knowing it was a hospice situation and simply promised to give her the best 3 months of her entire life. Using the book The Nature of Animal Healing as a guide, Hope began to improve Maggie’s health and well-being with a custom diet and selected supplements. Soon Maggie was walking up to 2 miles a day with our other dogs and showed a new-found exuberance for life. Ultimately that 3-month sentence was extended to a joyful and vibrant 3 years!

Building on her success with Maggie and numerous other dogs Hope soon realized this was her “path with heart”. As she gained more “paws on the ground” experience through referrals, her practical knowledge of holistic pet well-being both expanded and deepened. Her expertise grew beyond helping sick pets regain vitality to helping pets maintain a high level of well-being and vigor throughout their lives. Her protocols worked… and Best Friend Nutrition was born.

We moved to Sequim in 2003 opening the first “health food store for pets” off Hooker Road in Carlsborg. In 2008 we moved the store to its current location in the Safeway Plaza in Sequim. For us, it’s always all about the health of the animal. We are friendly, caring, and professional.

“We help you have the healthiest pets on earth”

Best Friend Nutrition - Jumping Dogs & Cats

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Best Friend Nutrition’s knowledgeable and friendly staff has extensive experience and training in caring for pets. We take the time to understand your pet’s needs. You can expect us to ask careful questions regarding your pet’s health and how it can be supported with our broad selection of both pet food and supplements.

  • Over 35 years of combined holistic pet health experience

  • Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialists

  • Deep and practical product knowledge


As part of our customer appreciation efforts, we hold various drawings throughout the year with prize give-a-ways.  Our most popular contest is the “Very Important Pet” (VIP).  For every $100 a customer spends in a single ticket, their name is placed in a large jar.  One name is drawn at random.  The prize is a $100 gift certificate to Best Friend Nutrition, a $100 gift certificate to Sonny’s Spa dog grooming, and a $100 gift certificate to Tender Touches, a local spa for the pet parent.  These are all Sequim small businesses.  This drawing occurs three times a year.  The jar  is emptied after each drawing.

VIP Winner – September 2017

Susan D is our thirdly, Very Important Pet - VIP Winner.  Pictured is Susan and her daughter Erin D.  Susan’s $300 VIP Winners Packaged included three $100 Gift Certificates:  one to Best Friend Nutrition, [...]

We Support Pet Rescue

Best Friend Nutrition supports animal rescue organizations with donations of food and supplies. We also do fundraising events, hosting in-store presentations with the funds raised going to the organization our speaker selects. Best Friend Nutrition also actively promotes rescue adoptions as a first consideration.

Jim delivers a donation of pet food and supplies to Sequim Food Bank

Hope presents a donation to Welfare for Animals Guild

Hope presents a donation to Center Valley Animal Rescue

Hope presents a donation to Center Valley Animal Rescue

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Hope at BEST FRIEND NUTRITION: a health food store for pets! for sponsoring Nellie’s road to recovery!!! Nellie was scheduled to be euthanized at a high intake shelter in Southern California — even though she performed nearly perfect on her temperament test, her time was up… Thankfully, our partners at Dream Team Angels Rescue were able to pull Nellie to safety and get her transported up to Western Washington to start a better life!

And now, thanks to the friendly folks at Best Friend Nutrition, Nellie has a super high-quality food, supplements, and shampoo to help make her healthy inside and out! Posted are a few “before” photos, and we can’t wait to eventually share some after photos… It has only been a week and she’s already feeling and looking better!
This 7-year-old lady is just the SWEETEST girl in the world, and we are so happy we could save her life! She no longer has to worry about making puppies, sleeping on the cold/hard ground, or getting enough to eat.

Community Involvement

Best Friend Nutrition has always been fully aware that we are part of a larger community, not only of pet lovers, but of the North Olympic Peninsula in general. In addition to supporting pet rescue organizations across the Peninsula, we feel it’s only right to give back to other organizations that look after our community at large.

Jim delivers a donation of pet food and supplies to Sequim Food Bank.

Jim delivers a donation of pet food and supplies to Sequim Food Bank.

Best Friend Nutrition consistently supports the Sequim Police K9 Unit since the beginning. We are proud to provide the very best in nutritional support to our wonderful canine public servants. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Since the K-9 program started it’s been largely funded by community and business donations, including funds and in-kind services for Chase’s surgery and food from Best Friend Nutrition (since 2008).

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Customer Testimonials

Hope and Best Friends Nutrition have helped me navigate through many an issue with my two Goldens! From returning back to a raw diet, to advice on supplements on skin issues to wise words on titer testing and less vaccines for my seizure babe. I live far from her store, but is ALWAYS right back at me in emails to answer and questions I may have. HOPE ROCKS!

Penelope Bax

Hope Williams, Thank You and the staff Best Friend Pet Nutrition! I have learned so much from Hope about taking the best care of my four legged friends. My cat Sweet Pea loves Rad Cat raw food diet. My chihuahua Violet loves everything raw, especially Stella and Chewy’s and Sojos Wild. Thank you for bringing in all of the fun and education, including food demos and Talented Friends of Pets.

Debra Knutson

Hope was so extremely helpful the first time I went into the store a couple weeks ago, which is why I’ve gone back twice since then. My poor Shelby has had some horrible health issues the past year. Yesterday we completed the transition to a raw diet, & I have much hope now that she will get better. Hope really knows her stuff, & is not only very knowledgeable in animal nutrition but a warm & loving person as well.

Rita Carrow

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