Animals getting a commercial, balanced diet are likely deficient in specific areas, despite the formulated nutrition in your bag of food. It is easy to provide the missing pieces of our pet’s diet, and we will know that their health and vitality will be the best we can give.

Overall Wellness: The top three supplements we recommend? Enzymes & probiotics, fresh omega oils, and a food based multi-vitamin. Commercial dry diets put the dog’s system under lots of stress trying to break down the heavily cooked, moisture-lacking food. This is the top cause inflammation in our pets, leading to skin irritation, irritable bowel syndrome, and eventually diseases and cancer in the body. Most diets for our pets are also nearly completely lacking in fresh omega oils, which are damaged when exposed to heat or air. Replacing fresh oils into the diet will keep organs, joints, skin and coat, and brain functioning at their best. All commercial diets are balanced, however they use synthetic vitamins which our pet’s bodies can’t absorb and use efficiently if at all. Providing a high quality, food-based multivitamin can ensure that all the vital nutrients critical for biological functions are able to be properly absorbed and used by the body: vitamins are central to gut health, endocrine system health, growth & development, eye health, heart health, pancreas and insulin health, lung health, and more… These three supplements are the ones to keep in the pantry and in the bowl every day!

GI Tract & Digestion: If you are interested in targeted support for the intestinal system then you will want to look for supplements that add pre and probiotics. We have several that use unique and supportive combinations for whole health, like ginger, inulin, and apple pectin along with pumpkin and coconut. These supplements come in powder, liquid, and treat formats, so they are easy to give. Supporting the GI tract and colon can keep pets happy, healthy, and give them strong immune systems.

Skin & Coat: The barrier between their insides and the world, having a healthy skin and coat isn’t just a luxury… plus, fleas hate a nice fur coat and won’t take up residence on an animal with a healthy, shiny one. Often it’s as simple as providing good nutrition and some fish oil. Some pets may need a little boost beyond that, and we can help you navigate the options and give you advice on which will work best for your individual pet.

Joints: Whether you have an aging pet, or one that has experienced an injury or severe inflammation, adding some joint support is the best way to restore mobility and excitement to move for your pet. Cats are often overlooked when it comes to stiff joints and the simplicity of giving them some relief and better joint longevity. You can choose from liquid, powder, or treats, plain or with antioxidant support, or mushroom & green-lipped mussels to enhance and boost the traditional glucosamine & msm joint supplements. We can help you select just the right formula.

Cognitive Support: Brains age along with the rest of our pet’s body. Keep them stimulated and engaged by offering activities that target all their senses (see our Enrichments post)… combine this with supplements that help with brain and memory function, like our hemp botanical with ginko, and you’ll keep them happy for many years.

Heart: Besides making sure that the diet has lots of high-quality fresh meat and organs to support heart health, you can add omegas, taurine supplement, and herbs like hawthorn tincture, to support heart health and longevity.

Specific conditions: Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions, Pancreatic Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Disease, Eyes, Throat.

When it comes to supporting any pet facing a specific condition or disease, there are holistic, nutritional, and herbal options for helping your pet. In conjunction with traditional medicinal or pharmaceutical therapies they can be powerful supports to traditional medicine, or therapies that can stand alone. We recommend consulting with a licensed holistic veterinarian for guidance in all the supplements and herbs that would benefit a pet with a specific diagnosis. We have a wide variety of herbal tinctures and natural supplements that are beneficial for pets diagnosed with a disease or condition, we are happy to partner with you and your vet to find the right combination for your pet.

*The staff at The Natural Pet Market are well educated & our products are well researched, but we are not licensed veterinarians and cannot provide medical diagnosis or prescription, nor can we be a substitute for visiting a veterinarian.  We believe in holistic care and treatment and we strive to support you with the best advice in holistic care of your pets.