It's all about quality of life

As pets get older they need extra care and attention.

A graying muzzle and slower pace is easy to see, but remember their organs are aging too. Their joints and digestion need some extra care. Their hearing and sight can get weaker. Your aging pet needs additional nutritional support to maintain a peaceful and active life.

"We help you have the healthiest pets on earth"


my steps may be slower.
I may not hear as well.
I may not see as well.
I may not feel as well.
My love will be the same.
My devotion will be the same.
My appreciation will be the same.


A senior dog is more likely to develop diseases such as heart, kidney and liver disease, cancer or arthritis. Cancer accounts for almost half of the deaths of pets over 10 years of age. Premium nutrition, combined with selected supplements, combined with regular veterinary wellness check-ups can turn problem days into more happy days with fewer aches and pains.

Common supplements for older pets include:

digestive enzymes to help enhance the ability to assimilate food and eliminate gas

pain and inflammation reducers to ease the discomfort of joint, leg, and back issues

immune system boosters to increase an aging body’s ability to fight disease including cancer

Best Friend Nutrition offers a complete range of vitamins and supplements including probiotics and digestive enzymes, omega-3 oils, herbal and homeopathic remedies, joint and mobility support products, pain relievers, calming agents, and much more.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can guide you to the appropriate selection of supplements for your senior pet. When we ask you for a few extra details about your pet, we are thinking of which supplements and/or nutraceuticals will give your pet happier and healthier days. Best Friend Nutrition always asks what your veterinary has recommended. We have experience with working to support your vet’s instructions, but we aren’t able to diagnose or prescribe, we aren’t licensed veterinarians.