Dog Enrichments

Giving our pets a full and happy life means creating fulfilling and enriched experiences that add value to their mental wellbeing and whole-body health. Beyond the food, supplements, and body care we provide, enrichments are the ways in which we interact and entertain… the activities, toys, and experiences we share that make life more fulfilling and memorable.

Toys: Make it fun, find toys that speak to your breed and personality of dog. If you have a herding dog, fetch and frisbee toys might make sense. If you own a terrier, find toys that you can pull to play chase with, toys that you can play hide and seek games (puzzles, burrows, etc), and things that squeak or grunt. Stimulate your dog to play!

Noses: Dogs have an innate need to use their noses. Give them a challenge by hiding treats around the house, or outside, and they get rewarded for solving the puzzle. Or choose interactive toys for sniffing play, like snuffle mats and wooden puzzle toys. Offer a variety of smell rewards, don’t limit yourself to food. From herbs & spices to farm smells … dogs enjoy all kinds of aromas, so get creative!

Obstacle Courses: Creating fun courses for you dog to run if you have the outdoor space will give him both exercise and mental stimulation, problem solving and answering commands is something every dog finds pride in. Don’t forget to give lots of praise and even some treat rewards when they do it right!

Social:  Get out and visit!  It is important to give your dog opportunities to be social with other animals and people frequently.  This is beneficial for their mood and health whether puppy, adult, or senior.  Visit a dog park or join a nose-work class and enjoy the benefits of social, mental, and physical enrichment.  If you can’t get out, try inviting friends over with their pet(s) for a fun visit and include some toys, or a frozen treat to make things more fun.

Mental:  Offering fun challenges to keep them on their toes, as well as stimulating things to chew.  Dogs live in a three-dimensional world and need a variety of opportunities to explore and interact in it.

Physical:  From walks, to tug of war, and even kiddie-pool ball pits, dogs love to use their bodies!  Give them opportunities to exercise and they will feel the high and relaxation from it the same way we do.  It will keep their organs and their whole body healthy too!