Make kibble even better

Dry dog food is cost effective and convenient, but it can be missing some great benefits found in fresh foods…  with a lack of digestive enzymes, omegas and essential fatty acids, dry dog food is difficult to break down and absorb nutrients from.  Also, it can often be too high in carbohydrates that cause inflammation, weight gain and general ill health.  And if you’re not rotating foods frequently then your dog is not getting enough variety (that’s bad for the immune system and gut vitality).  Here’s how to help without breaking the bank:

Add Enzymes & Probiotics

You can add fresh or fermented goat milk or cheese, kefir, or any of our fresh Elixers, Greens (Juju), Yogurts (lactose free), or our powdered or chewable options.  Look for food sourced options, not synthetic!

Add Toppers

We carry several toppers to add a fresh food component, try broth and goat milk (rehydrate with water), freeze dried raw or dehydrated food, or traditional frozen raw foods.  Or consider adding a great multivitamin; we have liquid, powder, and soft chews.

Add Omega-rich Oils

The best is fish oil, but it can also be beneficial to add flax, coconut, hemp, or others.  Omega oils are essential for all organ functions, brain, and eyesight health; they are a natural whole-body anti-inflammatory; they keep joints healthy and lubricated; and omegas will give your pet a soft and healthy coat.  A healthy and shiny coat is an excellent flea deterrent, they won’t stick around on a healthy coat because the oils make it difficult to breath or lay eggs!  You can even just add a canned fish like mackerel, sardine, anchovy, or salmon for a protein and omega boost

Add Some Veggies

You can add benefits at home just by adding some raw veggies.  If you need to you can also lightly steam the veggies (but not much!).  Fresh veggies will add natural enzymes, an antioxidant boost, vitamins and nutrients, and are excellent for adding fiber to boost gut health.  Hint: blender grind or finely grate your veggies before serving to help break down the cellulose.

*The staff at The Natural Pet Market are well educated & our products are well researched, but we are not licensed veterinarians and cannot provide medical diagnosis or prescription, nor can we be a substitute for visiting a veterinarian.  We believe in holistic care and treatment and we strive to support you with the best advice in holistic care of your pets.