Dogs and cats are not normally flea magnets, but due to common commercial diets that offer poor nutrition and which lack fresh omega-rich oils, plus the practice of using chemical pesticides in or on our pets, we are seeing flea population explosions.  The chemical options seem to work at first, but they carry a host of problems:  the most concerning problem is the heavy chemical pesticides that we introduce into our pet’s bloodstream… lasting up to 30 days or longer!  These chemicals are shown to cause health issues in our pets, including seizures, cancer, and serious toxicity reactions (poor liver!).  Other problems include: a compromised immune system (a weaker pet is much more attractive and susceptible to pest infestation), liver cirrhosis or failure, anemia, poor skin condition, dermatitis and allergic reactions… Our over-use of chemical pesticides has created pesticide-resistant “super” fleas which are nearly impossible to get rid of!

It’s important to eliminate fleas because they can pose health risks: they can cause dermatitis, transmit tapeworms, and lead to anemia… plus, they are annoying!

Preventing Fleas in the First Place

By giving a healthy whole food diet rich in nutrients and omega fatty acids, your pet will be an unappealing target for fleas… and a diet high in fresh essential fatty acids (like fish oil) and enzymes creates healthy skin and a strong immune system.  In addition, there are vitamin/herbal supplement powders or tinctures that can be included in the bowl which will create an extra line of defense, making your pet an unappealing target. 

Your pet will be unattractive to pests and will be healthier from the inside out! 

We can guide you in supplementing or improving your pet’s diet to keep parasites away naturally.

Get Rid of Fleas: Let’s find a better way

Once you have determined you have a flea problem, it’s time to get serious about giving your pet relief and eliminating the fleas, all using natural remedies.  There are a variety of natural, chemical-free solutions, all are easy to do!

  1. Herbal flea shampoo can provide instant natural and non-toxic relief. It kills fleas and defends against re-infestation, while soothing itchy bites and getting rid of bad bacteria on the skin surface.
  2. Diatomaceous earth is totally chemical free! A harmless powder made of finely ground fossilized diatoms; with the texture of flour you can safely use it on your pet, carpet, furniture and beds to kill fleas.  Microscopically abrasive, pests dehydrate and die when they walk in it.  And don’t worry about having it in your house even with a baby  because ours is organic, food grade, and can safely be ingested by people and pets. 
  3. Wondercide or Earth Animal and herbal flea sprays are natural and will kill the fleas on contact, the essential oils will make your pet smell nice while repelling future fleas and other insects (use more as needed, great for outdoor activities).  Zero chemicals means these sprays are safe to use on your pet, your home, and you!
  4. Herbal flea collars or drops are quick & simple to use, and since they are infused with potent essential oils fleas and insects will be on the run!  Keeping your pet will healthy and pesticide free for up to 30 days just like the chemical options.
  5. Remember to treat your home & yard.  There are powders and sprays, just like those that are safe to use on our pets, to treat home and yard areas and ensure the fleas are gone for good!

Remember:  pesticide treatments compromise the immune system & create weaker, more vulnerable animals… and the “super flea!”  Not recommended for: sick or immune compromised pets, pets with cancer, seizures, thyroid or liver disease; don’t use with other chemical, on Persian & Himalayan cats(cats are more sensitive than dogs). Discontinue use immediately if pet has a reaction, including lethargy, foaming at the mouth, seizure, irritation at application site, itching, or hair loss.

If you must resort to chemical treatment for control of an infestation, you can try a partial dose first, and give more if needed.  Then begin a non-toxic program for flea control to prevent the need for chemical methods.

*The staff at The Natural Pet Market are well educated & our products are well researched, but we are not licensed veterinarians and cannot provide medical diagnosis or prescription, nor can we be a substitute for visiting a veterinarian.  We believe in holistic care and treatment and we strive to support you with the best advice in holistic care of your pets.